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An independent platform for women’s initiatives that aims to promote the human rights of women, their equality and their non-discrimination in Ukraine. The Charity Fund “Winds of Change” has begun to implement its programs in the Odessa and Donetsk regions since July 2016, and was registered in 2018 as a non-profit organization.

“Winds of Change” is a new model that aims to support and help every woman and girl regardless of age, race or religion, to take control and improve their quality of life.  We also provide cultural counseling and services to women and children from various cultural, racial, and religious groups. and to women with health conditions that are vulnerable or are victims of violence.

In our work, we focus on providing women with tools as a means by which women and girls learn to take responsibility for achieving freedom and independence in their own decisions.


Creation of a safe space for the adaptation of modern women and girls in the conditions of social, economic, political crises and conflicts (modern challenges).

Promoting the creation and operation of effective solidarity networks among non-governmental organizations working on gender issues, human rights and democracy in Ukraine.

Support women’s efforts to create effective projects at the local and national levels.


We are available.

We are here for all women and girls, regardless of their history. We respect their individual needs and their aspirations. We are unshakable in our commitments.

We achieve results.

We are determined to influence individual women, helping them to realize their potential and contribute to the development of aspirations, values ​​and achievements.

We are ready to take risks to be a creative and have a multifaceted imagination. We constantly evaluate and improve our own practice, creatively responding to the needs of women.

We are making progress together and not alone. We are ready to trust, in order to maintain partnerships with other people who share our convictions.

We are looking for new ideas and different perspectives. We are transparent and passionate about improving and learning about innovative ideas, resources, programs and connections that will make us more effective.

Our work is based on the principles of commitment and connection with women’s movements. We are committed to supporting women in making positive changes in their lives and the lives of others; providing education and information that encourages healthy relationships.

We value our own knowledge and skills of women and their right to a service that ensures confidentiality, informed consent, and security.


Zabarnaya Eleonora Nikolaevna

Head of the organization BF “Winds of Change”.

Coordinator of the program “Planned success” economic independence of women – business projects, start-ups, assistance in employment.

Lebedeva Victoria

Coordinator of the direction “Brave girls and strong women” – a positive program for girls from the Roma community.

Maria Rusnak

Coordinator of The Media Education program

Kornienko Irina

Coordinator of the program “Rights of girls and women with disabilities”

Dr. Tatyana Panashenko

Obstetrician of the highest category of gynecology

Program “Reproductive and sexual health of women and girls”, Odessa

Dr. Butko Tatyana

Obstetrician gynecologist of the highest category

Program “Reproductive and Sexual Health of Women and Girls” in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region.

Rybachuk Anna

Training in hairdressing skills – the course is conducted for women with children under three years of age who do not have a profession, who have no shelter and support from relatives.

Yakovunik Maria

Shop of charity.

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