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a platform for women's initiatives


Every woman and girl is strong, safe, independent, confident, powerful and heard; without exceptions.


We unite people in the modern world, who ready to make sure the lives of women and girls are without discrimination based on gender, violence and exploitation. We believe that the future depends on us, and in our power to help women and girls of all ages, create a safe space for the development of skills, social ties, facilitation of independence, confidence and future development. When a woman or girl has these rights, she can be strong, safe, powerful and heard.


Women and girls, regardless of age, race, religion, national origin and state of health.

Women and girls who survive violence and seek asylum.

Women and girls who are in social isolation.

Women and girls who want to have access to training or education to find a job or open their own business.

Women and girls – immigrants, immigrants and refugees.

Women and girls who need support and / or information to maximize their opportunities and improve the quality of life in their communities.

Women and girls whose opportunities are limited because of their health.


“Planned success” economic independence of women – business projects, start-ups, assistance in employment.


“Brave girls and strong women” is a positive program for girls from the Roma community

The Media Education program enables women and girls to understand how mass communication is used in their societies, to master the media’s ability to communicate with other people …

The program is to enable women and girls with disabilities to share our knowledge and experience, strengthen our ability to advocate for our rights, enable us to make …

Women and girls, especially those living in poverty and with limited opportunities, face limited access or access to information and services about their sexual …

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“If we stop condemning and begin to appreciate each other, we will be free ”
Emma Watson

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