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Planned success

“Planned success” economic independence of women – business projects, start-ups, assistance in employment.

The program aims to remove barriers to self-employment (private entrepreneurship) and employment of women and girls; a package of services is provided that includes the formation of professional, business skills and safe living skills, allowing women to achieve financial independence, or at least to build a clear and understandable way to achieve it.

The program’s activities include:

Master classes in financial literacy and business skills.

Financial planning – from managing daily finances to long-term survival plans.

Funding advice – to be aware of the latest grants and funding sources that will help your business continue to operate.

Support for mentoring – giving you access to experienced business people who can offer personal, individual advice and recommendations.

Business Club is a regular meeting of like-minded people in business, offering networking opportunities and the opportunity to see what steps others are taking to maintain their business.

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