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a platform for women's initiatives

Reproductive and sexual health of women and girls

Women and girls, especially those living in poverty and with limited opportunities, face limited access or access to information and services about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Some of the obstacles to sexual and reproductive health and rights include discrimination, stigma, politics and entrenched traditions.

We see a modern life in which all women and girls have the power and rights over their body, sexuality and the resources necessary to exercise these rights.

We work with women’s groups for which we expand access to comprehensive sexuality education, reproductive health, services and rights, including marginal communities.

We support the needs of women and girls, especially those with limited access to quality medical services (information retrieval, medical consultations and examinations).

We work with groups of women and girls to raise awareness, knowledge of their rights and further ability to access the health needs that they need, comprehensive gender education, control over their own body, regardless of sexuality, place of residence, income or its ethnicity.

We conduct trainings for girls on the basis of life skills, which include timely information about their body, health and well-being. Our program supports young people in accessing such information in a safe environment and introduces critical data on reproductive health and management skills in line with the evolving ability of children and adolescents.

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