Volunteers play a dynamic and active role in providing and supporting the implementation of programs and services.

We appreciate the work and dedication of volunteers. Volunteers are an integral part of the fulfillment of our mission. The help of volunteers allows to increase the quantity and quality of the services offered. Volunteers provide additional experience and opportunities for more community participation. Your activities help to better serve those who receive support and services. You influence the changes in the organization, both to individuals and to the team.

You are an important link between the organization and the people who make up the communities that we serve.

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Контакти. Іконка для сайту БФ «Вітри змін»
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Our partners:

Наші партнери. Іконка для сайту БФ «Вітри змін»
Партнери БФ «Вітри змін»: KIND
Партнери БФ «Вітри змін»: Charity Organization - Norwegian Society - Odessa
Партнери БФ «Вітри змін»: Экс-ПРОМТ Н
Партнери БФ «Вітри змін»: Altenhof
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